Kabtek in World

The demand for Kablotek’s cables is continuously increasing by the satisfaction of its customers who value the correct quality/performance.

Products which are offered to EU markets by KABTEK have been used in almost every field: from factories (TyssenKrupp-Bayer etc.) to machine and motor production sector… The products of KABLOTEK have been trusted for the most developed machines and factories of the world.  Kablotek adapts its experience gained in EU market and perception of quality to its domestic partners. Kablotek generates flexible solutions in terms of variable customer needs. As an example: during the crisis faced in EU, Kablotek’s meeting supply demands caused by uncertainty in copper prices and variable demands by decreasing the current stock levels of its distributors very easily within a short time.

Kablotek provides a service understanding that ensures the satisfaction of customers who attach importance to the right quality level. Kablotek has all the necessary quality certificates in production, has achieved high standards in production and increases its certificates day by day in various products.

Kabtek provides a fast and reliable supply network to protect its customers against industry uncertainties. It is the production facility with the fastest delivery time in Europe. It is differentiated from its competitors with its philosophy of "producing the right product, right time and right cost".

With the machinery investments made in 2003, 2008 and 2012, it has the ability to produce planned and accurate solutions and low-cost production with its qualified workforce.

The company is present in the EU market with a wide range of products. In addition to PVC, halogen-free, signal control, electronic control, telecommunication, data, audio/video, instrumentation, fire alarm, ship construction, crane, conveyor cables, in 2009 the company also provides product solutions for photovaltaic solar and various other cables.

The biggest difference of our company compared to its competitors is that it produces all semi-finished products including copper. It does not supply semi-finished products from outside.

Kablotek offers flexible solutions to adapt to changing customer needs.

Many major cable suppliers in many European sectors have been using our products safely for about 25 years.