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Being one of the leading cable firms of our country, KABTEK has become an international worldwide known firm today thanks to its success in cable sector and its outstanding performance.

KABTEK which was founded in 1995 and started production with silicon cables in 1996, began production of rubber-based command control and power supply cables in 1998 and rubber –based mid-voltage cables in 2000 with a rapid progress. In its marketing strategy settled on quality –price axis, KABTEK based on unconditional customer satisfaction has got positive reaction to its approach across the globe. Within this framework, right along with domestic market, KABTEK has increased its export with Germany which started in 2000s, 40% of total production in a short time.

KABTEK, having one of the most modern facilities in Europe, produces silicon, rubber, pvc and HFFR cables with a capacity of 700 ton/ month in its 1500m2-21000m2 new indoor facility. Production of each KABTEL branded cable which is received by the customer is carried out in terms of ISO 9001 Standards according to latest technological developments and modern production methods by an expert team including nearly 180 profound and experienced experts. KABTEK, who exports 80% of total production consisting of leading West Europe countries, records its world class standards in this way and perceives this situation as an expression of trust to the firm and its products.

KABTEK, who defines the motto ‘Quality, trust and good service’ as the future assurance, experiences the pride of being Turkish Firm which has made the maximum export of 80-1000V cable to Germany and France in view of IMMIB (General Secretariat of Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters’ Association) data.

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