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1 - How can I reach your quality certificate?
You can reach it from the section of Quality Certificates at our website or you can ask from our customer representatives
2 - What is HFFR?
HFFR means Halogen Free Flame Retardant, in other words retardants which don’t include halogen substances such as copper, chrome, fluorine, iodine…etc
3 - What is FE180?
It means the functional operation of the cable for 180 minutes under fire in terms of IEC 60331 standards
4 - What is E90?
It is the system test which is carried out in terms of DIN VDE 4102 standards. The system on which the cable is lied is tested for 90 minutes and the working time of the system is determined
5 - Why should I prefer Kablotek?
Kablotek should be preferred as it may be your best solution partner from the standpoint of deadline, quality and range of products
6 - What is physical foaming?
It is also called as gas injection foam. It is made with the injection of nitrogen into polyethylene under high-pressure homogeneously. Thanks to the foaming until 60 percent, predicted electrical performance is achieved
7 - What is chemical foaming?
It is made with the addition of foaming agents into polyethylene component. It is not as successful as physical foaming and it is implemented when physical foaming cannot be carried out
8 - What is Pimf?
It is the grouping and screening of cores which generate the content of the cable.
9 - For how many years are the cables guaranteed?
They are under warranty for 2 years against flaws and flaws which occur during usage
10 - What is AWG?
It is an American unit of measurement for cables. In technical documents section, you can find the transformation of AWG into metric system
11 - Do you have a table for AWG cycle?
You can find it in technical documents section at our website
12 - What is the meaning of (st)?
It shows that the screening is carried out with tin foil and ground ware
13 - What is STP?
It shows that there is a screen on the core. Pers are protected against magnetic effect
14 - What is FTP?
It shows an individual and general screening. Pers are prevented from both external magnetic effect and the effects of each other
15 - What is CS/utp?
Double screening is made with copper screen and tin folio
16 - How can I react to your price list? (pdf)
Our customer representatives are waiting for demands.
17 - How can I give an order?
Our customer representatives are waiting for demands
18 - How can I provide the data sheet of the product
For standard products you can visit our website and for specific products you can ask from our customer representatives
19 - What is fireproof cable? How can I notice?
The definition fireproof cable is wrong, all of the cables are flammable but after pulling the source of fire when the cable is under fire it may be expected not to function. Within this scope tests are implemented
20 - What is the meaning of color codification
It cannot be understood by flaming the cable if it is halogen free. Hazardous gases in it should be lower than the amount implied in standards
21 - Can I understand by flaming if the cable is halogen free
It is impossible to understand the quality of cables visually. Quality documents of the manufacturer firm have been accepted as a reference
22 - Where are HFFR cables used
You can ask from our customer representatives or quality certification section at our website
23 - How can I notice the quality of a cable
You can ask from our customer representatives or quality certification section at our website.

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